About Picture Source

Our Company

Picture Source was founded 40 years ago to support the design community of the Northwest. In 1980 we opened our first national showroom in San Francisco, followed by showroom openings in High Point, Dallas, Atlanta, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. During this period we developed relationships with numerous artists, who have collaborated with us to create the unique brand we are presenting today. With our experience in art research, the imagination of our artists, and with advances in technology, Picture Source will assist you in creating the perfect images for your diverse projects. 
In 2016, Picture Source acquired Somerset Studios, expanding production and a vast library of original artwork with an in house art team.

Our Mission and Vision

unlimited possibilities in art and framing...

Our mission is to provide the highest quality design, art and framing with unparalleled customer care.

Our Guarantee

Picture Source Somerset product is guaranteed to meet these standards of excellence, providing quality and service you can trust.

Return Policy

Picture Source Somerset has an excellent reputation of quality workmanship, but accidents can happen. We will be happy to replace or repair any picture that you receive damaged or incorrectly built. Please contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-345-5973 for any assistance you may need.